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I started out as a guest on the CBS affiliate in St. Louis KMOV-TV, Channel 4 on the morning show, Great Day St. Louis in September of 2009.  In January 2010 they asked me to become a regular member of the show every Monday.  Please see the media section for posted clips from the show!


I consider one of my strongest professional attributes to be the ability to break down a recipe into distinct components in an easily-explainable manner. This translates to easily-understood video segments as well as an understandable written recipe.

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The Ardent Cook blog is a natural extension of my writing career.  I have a published cookbook, The New Pastry Cook, as well as over twenty-five years of experience in writing articles for publication in magazines, newspapers and for promotional items like brochures.  And, of course, the web!

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I have years of recipe development experience for both newspaper and magazine articles, as well as for the two baking shops I owned.  I’m able to work with clients on a consulting basis to develop exclusive recipes and menus.


I have an energy and enthusiasm for my work that is infectious.  I enjoy developing a natural rapport with the public, which comes across as good will and humor.  Please see the media section for examples.  In the past I have worked with Cuisinarts in writing and appearing at national food shows.

Menu Development

 food photoI have over twenty-three years of experience in running a bakery and adapting the daily menu to seasonal availabilities and changing customer and client tastes.


I work closely with clients to refine initial concepts and am able to work through the problem-solving process to help reach the final, completed stage for any number of food-related projects.


For five, for fifty, or for five hundred, I have years of public speaking and cooking demonstration experience that will cater to the audience’s tastes.


And finally, whether on a professional level or a consumer level, one of my strongest suites is conveying to others the intricacies of food in an informative, fun learning environment.

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