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Food Equipment Storage

I tried to think of a really sexy title but what can you do with a bunch of pots and pans, knives and miscellaneous cooking items?  Because I am in the kitchen constantly cooking for pleasure and business, I designed my kitchen many years ago to make it as easy as possible to use.

When we remodeled our small kitchen years ago, I wanted an island which gave me a lot of prep room, but had the effect of making it smaller.  I wanted to keep my work areas as of free of clutter as possible.  That goes for under and over the counter storage as well as drawers.  When we were ready to remodel, we gutted the kitchen and everything went.  All of my small utensils were put in a box and stored in the basement.  I also had a box that held questionable utensils.  These were items that seemed like a good idea when I bought them, but didn’t seem to get much use.   I decided if I didn’t use any any of these  for six months, they would go out.  I kept one.  The others I gave away to Goodwill.  Hopefully, someone enjoyed them.

I don’t think anyone ever has enough storage.  I certainly don’t.  To help solve the problem I looked at any flat area we had and basically used kitchen gear in various forms as decorative pieces.  I covered walls with pegboard, hung racks and designed a knife rack to keep my knives out of a drawer and accessible.  The outcome was a kitchen where I never have to take more than three or four steps to get anything I want to use.  Small definitely has its advantages.

Here are some photos to inspire you if you decide a remodel is in your future or if you simply need additional storage space.

The pegboards were finished with moulding to give them depth and make them decorative as well as useful. This pegboard saves a ton of room in drawers and keeps a lot of different utensils at hand.

storage pots pans knives food equipment cheese  food photo
A second pegboard around the corner in the breakfast room, stores larger pieces that would’t fit on the pot pots pans knives food equipment cheese  food photo

The range top is covered by a hood.  On either side of the hood, I have added storage for pots and pans.  As you might have guessed by now, I never met a pot or pan I didn’t like.  In my earlier years, I started my collection of Le Creuset.  These pots and pans are at least 40 years old and I still love them.  My husband burned my 2 quart pan with a lip so badly, we had to throw  it away. He is still hearing about that!  It was my favorite saucepan.  The newer ones have a very puny lip, if any at all and aren’t my favs. The two quart was a larger version of the yellow saucepan on this rack.  You can see what a great lip it has on it making it very useful.  I guess I should quit going on about this now!  Also on this rack are my potholders as my ovens are behind this wall.  The tile covers the pots pans knives food equipment cheese  food photoOn the right hand side of the hood is my collection of All Clad which I use constantly.  I love my pot rack and couldn’t do without it.  storage pots pans knives food equipment cheese  food photoMy collection of knives were bought one at a time over the years.  I wanted them available in vertical storage, but a block would take up too much space on a counter, so I designed a vertical rack consisting of two pieces of heavy plexiglass that was attached to the side of a cabinet.  (I told  you I used every available space!).  storage pots pans knives food equipment cheese  food photo Completing my storage are various containers full of spatulas, whisks, thermometers, spoons and anything else I need to reach conveniently.  This truly is my dream kitchen, albeit a small one.  But one I happily work in.

storage pots pans knives food equipment cheese  food photo

4 comments to Food Equipment Storage

  • I love your way of finding space, your blog without “chichi” and your sense of humor.
    I am about to buy a new apartment and of course design a new kitchen as big as possible but of course it will not be THAT big. So your ideas are precious.

    Thanks for sharing

  • I LOVE the knives idea as well as the pots and pans. I have one of thse racks and LOVE it! Thanks for sharing, Helen.

    • Helen S. Fletcher

      The only time I didn’t like my knife rack was when we had a big party and I knocked a bottle of red wine over. It ran all down my knife rack.
      My two sons, quickly ushered me out of the kitchen before I got completely hysterical, took the holder apart, washed and dried everything and before I got back to the kitchen all was back in order. Of course my husband helped by keeping me out of there for a while but it’s a good memory.