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Savory Doughnuts

Finished Photo

Beinets, crullers, bomboloni and zepole are all some form of doughnut. And Americans love them! The newest form capturing the fancy of doughnut lovers is the savory doughnut. They are appearing in all the best restaurants usually stuffed. At Tony’s we stuff them with the best Gorgonzola and serve them with prosciutto and a drizzle . . . → Read More: Savory Doughnuts

Apple Fritters

Finished photo 2_

These apple fritters are a speedy version of a doughnut with apples in it. The fact it is not a yeast dough makes this come together really quickly with a bowl and a whisk. I divided the batter into two bowls and used Gala apples in one and Granny Smith in the other. The testers . . . → Read More: Apple Fritters

Fresh as a Daisy Doughnuts

Doughnuts have always seemed to be an ethereal food – out of reach of most of us. But nothing could be further from the truth! In reality they take about 20 minutes to mix up, after which they rise, unattended and then sit contentedly in the refrigerator overnight. After a quick roll out the . . . → Read More: Fresh as a Daisy Doughnuts